Friday, October 17, 2014

Love by the Sea

Desires Burn
Sister or not, snake tales, to fail means first attemts in learning, life lessons. Noses and views, every one has one view to share, why not another? View given by Phyllissa Desilva, the veteran with six years in USMC, fun and games nightmares still, punch line for jokes? Stories created from projections of hidden desires to break records on levels with out names, love and devotion and the limits set for the responses to the hand out for a lost friend, hopes and prayers giving for the expressed views of the truth, as it appeared to a blind man left in the dark, same thing done in the name and the words like truthful and honest, punch lines for jokes to you, fun and games, and in the holiday spirit?

Faces and masks go together, faces change for the time of day, for the weather also and the shining, glowing faces in the bright sunlight at 105 degrees will make changes unless you do something different. Love or hate, not sure which way is better, the tales of family members that you know nothing about, pieces came out of air, or out of your backside while blowing 420 smoke up you girlfriends ass? Help for the flashes of goodness and mercy that float up and out of you, and prayer also were given for the encounter before the new year for you started on your birthday.

Happy birthday, Sept 04, 1962: Steven hope it was everything you wanted and desired, thank god you had a spare girlfriend, for the cake, dinner and flowers for that blessed event, now ready to open your eyes. Wake up, and see the lights are on, the ocean is at work still, and the wind blew in the fields of flowers for the birds and the bees, rebirth is the beginning of the best, the most helpful, the most friendly with the ways that work for the growth and explanations that are on the table.

Not another year changed, with the same habits in place, the RV Camping at the beach in Ventura, with friends and foes, wishes are prayers, hopes are desires, goodness and mercy are the angels here for the likes of me, friends with them, and sometimes we fly together turning on the stars at night, is how I see them, day or night, time and space changes the views from angles from the heavens. Crazy or nonsense is what you were say, and I would say thanks so much for your views. Had not looked at it that way, and thanks for your attention to that part of the story that I shared with you.

Your views of truths and honesty leave lots of questions for me, and how you define love and devotion is questioned by the things that you have done, and the reasons given were clear as mud and could not understand how stealing a car was a sign of true love that a big man would show a woman that he wanted to come back, this is how it worked for you the last time, you steal a girlfriends car, and this is okay for you, and sleep lost for the signs given with action? Sorry what you had to say about that matter of the events of May 9, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA was a big day for us, you had AAA take the car at 3:am with you at Robert and Jasons house with Reese Smith 333, right?

Fair game for a crazy woman, that tried to fuck you out of what? reward for being the best boyfriend, and this was the way you used for an open door back into the life that you destroyed? Part of the fun and games that are fair game for the love and devotion that you had to show me, to let me know I should stay with you, that was the reason that you stole my gift car from my baby's daddy for the birth of a son, should have been a gift to you for the attention that you gave me with love filled reasons for a long life together. Please help me understand what your attentions were for the piece I found that you wrote some time ago. Do you still feel that way is the next question, and questions about your mental state comes next, what have you got for the head now?

Have fun, and make this year your best year, is what I wish for you and peace and love by the sea, sounds of the ocean at work, views from the RV camper that you and have been for about, what 10 years, no house, no home, or home on wheel for the tricks, trades, and fuckers that cum and go, all night long, answers to ads on craigslist are the same and easy to find. Love for a man that does not cheat on girlfriend of the day, girlfriends of the week, and or girlfriends with the houses, and the place for the dogs and the dick that you are outside, while she works flying here and there, another rat running the race of the rats that are just over broke, and off to work the rats racing and running off to make a buck or two.

Not you Steven, new names Seven Snakes, you were cut open and seven snakes were put inside, and then back together again for you, nice story about snakes with a class of reptiles that are not attorneys. Happy and gay is the lifestyle you have always had, just called it whatever your ex wives wanted to hear, you were a dream lover to them for a period of time, then the lights came on, and out the doors again for you, the best of the pond had to offer. Prize is noose is not a factor, just tina in the house, 420 connected and the driver was the title that you wore, that thing about love for a man as a woman was never on the table for you.

Sorry you wanted to be my boyfriend, find call me what you like, hats to take off everyday, is how I saw it, and how I saw your views, hats off to your charm and wit, it does come shining though with the stories created for fun and games, had a few minutes in between dicks in your mouth, right? Thanks for the attention to the care and concern express with stories that came from where? Not my story, dreams of yours perhaps, and lots of projection is your style, that for that time in space, happy now? Hope so.

Peace and love by the sea,

LLissa: note sent to steven Jarrot before his birthday, Sept 04, 1962: new man, new day, better words of love to express, lots of growth shown in tales created on a flip of a card, poker player with a stright face, the best:Steven Jay Jarrot, 7608512267 with views to share, about the attention to the joy and pleasure created when he has time to focus on love or hate, to display for the world to see, how witty and charming he is and has been to a girlfriend for what he was worth?Questions and more question here, state of mind in question also.

Late nights on craigslist, these are samples of the ads placed by Steve Jarrot,  760 851 2267 to concur, in his quest for prey to steal, lie, and treat to a ride on the wild side of life,  a ride with the fake friends in deeds and actions alone. Watch out for the snakes in the grass, frogs, and jackasses.

15 Need cocks  tonight  Steve Jarrot 7608512267: 46 (Ventura) men seeking men Jun 25, 2014.....
Times Change for Dogwood Butterflies/How many times?

Life has changed for some of us, and time is in the process of stopping for a few that like living with head in the sand. This was my life for five years, to watch Steven Jay Jarrot, always searching gore more not there, dream life, with daily actions in place. The money is not a matter to consider any longer, and no plans in place, or goals for a brighter day. It is a sad story, and what comes next. 

Questions on the truth and honesty level, and the views that point fingers at others to blame for the shortness of charter, and the shortness of attention spans, and the need for greed to be the winner, are some of the ways that the frogs, cattle callers, and the steers and queers of the Jewish Army 2014, and all the bisexuals that rule that clan, control over the fools, jokers, and role players, for the meth and the 420 trades done in Ventura, California, the summer of 2014.

 Questions about what is happiness, and why the search always for more dicks to suck on the down low, and the pussy to lick night and always, and this is happiness for Steve Jarrot, and Rachel Jarrot, with the help from the hairdresser Sheri Jarrot, to lick and suck all the weak people that want free drugs, or sex or whatever the trade called for to meet the devils here on earth, the biggest group of frogs, that are life cuck suckers, that will ride you to the left side of the grave if you are sleep on your feet.

Dream life is to fuck and suck twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, always on craigslist searching for more prey daily.

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  1. One more time the charms and graces of Steven Jarrot: 7608512267: Cheater, liar, thief, seven snakes within the devil here on earth. His story, or history of the changes of a kingsnakes, nine times a year new skin added. Views of a frog,toad, or reptile in the form of truthful and honesty with a twist of hate, and love of self, with disregard to others, that are not white, Jewish and a rock star, steers or queers are accepted everyday of the week and twice on Sundays….
    Blog: Den of snakes jarrot jewish white stars 2014
    Post: Mules,Frogs, Jarrot Jewish Army 2014: Reptile Alerts the bf is full of himself and now a criminal that thinks military service gives him a pass. as a vet myself he makes me want to puke.....

  2. Life has changed for some of us, and time is in the process of stopping for a few that like living with head in the sand. This was my life for five years, to watch Steven Jay Jarrot, always searching gore more not there, dream life, with daily actions in place. The money is not a matter to consider any longer, and no plans in place, or goals for a brighter day. It is a sad story, and what comes next.

  3. Airs above your station in life, just for the looks and attention. So it is about time for the frogs, cows, schools, and the jester and bad hair day......Any ladies and dicks on the down low: like great Kush? great oral? - m4m- 53-Ventura?Santa Monica?RV Camper to date. 7607778998.

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