Saturday, March 19, 2016

American Tales, American Birds, the honey eaters, birds in trees. Dogwood trees, to hand to the monkeys, monkeys to swingers, monkeys to date. Buts to fuck, dicks to suck, gang bang rules, gang bang kings, gang bang pimp to date, good times. Party and pay, party and play, likes the games in the dark, freaks out to rob your blind, in a RV, not a motel this time.

In The Shadows, In The Dark, Reapers Of Good And Evil. TALES on Dark sides, man in the moon. Good times, happy dazes again. Man In Blue, Marines In Best Suit, Uncle Sam, thanks so much, G. I. Jose, military past and present. Round Worlds: Heaven notes, worlds to see, shapes and six stars, days under the sky. Wishes, dreams and prayers, stars out tonight. Stars bright, and stars blue, what a site toe dead. Coins for the dead, coins for the sons, coins for the frogs to see on the left sides. Lefts three time, take next right hand turn, back to square one. Happy to see. Ships of dreams, ships of fools, ships to carry t freaks back to hell. Prey again, crimes again mental ptsd veterans.

no tictets, no date, today or tomorrow, $85 for each, 1200 people max, great horse and pony show.....sinn Party and play, cat or dog, bitches in heat, good times, tricks to trade, glory holes open wide.....Steven Jarrot, faces in the mirror, 7608512267, cheap tricks, dogs and dicks, faces for asses, monkeys to date, good times. Same as Joe, giant to keep, wits and charms in a dick or two, cheat shots....7148606817

Adam and Steve, games in the garden, games with snakes, frogs to dodge, Steven Jarrot, monkeys swines, years in the dark, years up a bitches asses, pages of lover, faces to sitters, faces to snakes in the gardens. 

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