Thursday, January 29, 2015

Horses Sing

Beach Classes
 Dawn Lights: Nice time in the beginning of the day, nights over and done, dreams and dances, good times. Dreams in actions, dreams running wild, birds in the sky, birds and butterflies, tips and tails of birds in trees. Happy notes, words online, friends once, suckers to date, happy feet to dance away.
Brand new day, better dreams, cowboys and indians to chase, horse and pony shows. Trips to land and see, Laos Kaos, singer, cartoon, or place to be. Questions in the air, land of battle, place in the middle of the see, worlds away, not near at all. Battles played on land, battles by texts, battles done by email, battles over and done. Fuck the battles, who wins the wars, history created, not news today.  

The reasons behind both deaths of these family members are still questions to be answered on the other side, and it is just two sad stories of lives lost before their time, in the views of so many. Me the most, and the regrets behind their demises, is the questions and the reasons for the short seasons of life for them, it will wait.

Have so many things to do, and so little time to get it done, have need to race like a mustang against the wind on the shore. That is the image in my head, and that is the stage of growth that I am in now, have to race against time and space. Time for an update is needed and these are the things that I can not get over, and it is a secret that I carry under the layers of goodness and kindness that the acts designed to leave a good impression always in the back of my mind. 

Have to work for the brown points, that should be blue points, if a color for the most desired is the image in mind for greatness, and life of a butterfly or an eglye. So the purpose is for a reason of sound mind, and reasons are there and they make a notices of the conditions that are in place and the search for the right path is always present as well.

It is so cold here that I have to stop and put on more layers, not sure what the temperature actually is, but my bones hurt because of the chill in the air here. God knows how much I hate the cold winds, and it is like another form of hell for me and just part of the cross that I have to carry for this moment in time. Have been stuck on fools, frogs, reptiles, serperts, and the likes of the common one page kinds of people, and how they are not good for me to be around. 

lost veteran in search of peace of mind:
views to share about the lights on again

love and devotion desired from Steven Jarrot,7608512267 now. freak, frog, sucker, loves to have sex organs male first

Had a trip to hell and back with the RV camping with last husband, that was the best snake in the grass, and a thief to boot, and stole me blind. Almost died three times by his directions, and had my life turned upside down, and he was ready and prepared to bury me, is my belief today as well as then. My views have not changed that this was a devil in the form of a Jewish White Star, and the prince of frogs, and a reptile or a serpent that was not able to flip a coin and start any thing new or different from the lifestyle that he knew.

In the beginning he was a godsend, and I was so thankful for the time he spend keeping a promise he made, to make sure that I got my benefits because he had help Malcolm Gerstein get his, and this was his only experience working with a Veteran, he liked him more than his daughter Sheri Beth, who he married and created the greatest Jewish White Star, and it was Steven Jay Jarrot, only reason to live, and their belief that my life was worth less than Rachel Jarrot, because she was the apple of the sires eye. Everyone was second or their to his second issue with a lack of natural hair, and she was the golden calf in his world, and that was the state of affairs, that he was and is a devil here on earth for the sake of love and devotion to the Cali Cow that he created. 

All the issues go around in circles back to the Cali Cow that is now a Colorado Buffalo by choice, and he does not like it that she is a butte, bitch, and a whale, or a cow to buffalo, and this was her choice because her nose is in the air, and she likes to do everything on someone else dime, is the lifestyle that she lives. It is sad, that the sire thinks it is the school, that should be desired by all because his young fag hag kid, without a lot of natural hair left, because of the hate within, is how I see it, right or wrong, or reason may not be why. Not my kind of people.

It is a long story, and I have pieces that I will share with you, as I have share this story from the beginning, just because  I was unable to find anybody to listen to this song and dance, is what I call my life. What are the true words or labels that can be applied I am not sure, so this may be a little off the wall so to speck as I will write about it now, and limit who get to see and share my point of views. 

So you are the lucky one, and it is going to take a few minutes to look at the things that has happen after the trip to hell and back RV camping with Steve Jarrot, and his true face was not in my best interest and it made me sad to think that his mask was Satan, and had to get out of that life with him, and the death of my net book was the end. 

At that time he was able to knock the clock off the wall and time stopped at 5:15 am in the morning, and I was shocked awake from the angry outburst of a serial drug user of tina or pnp or clouds in the sky, not sure exactly what it was, just that it made him unreasonable.

I was so scared and thought I was going to have a heart attack from the outburst and the throwing of things across the room where I had been sleeping. It was time for a change and that was the beginning of the separation that took about a year to cut and get off the bus, and make a new plan.

Was not able to take the pain, and was not able to take the name calling, and the appearance was just like the recruiters that attacked me when I was seventeen again, and again, and the medications that I was on stopped working, and was 

Nightmares still about the joys and pains, the bumps in the road, with a fake friend, just a jackasses out for self, not able to get the image out of my head that Steve Jarrot, was trying to kill me for his kid-Rocky or Rachel Jarrot, who is now a buffalo girl by choice, and he thinks that I want to be her, for some simple reason or another, and it was a fact that he has been having sex with buffalo girl since she was 16. 

Standing joke in the family about the sex with the mother Sheri as well, and not a good place to be stuck when they like to believe that they are so much better than the working classes because they are serpents and reptiles and snakes that are loose in the dens that they cross, and the truthfulness and honesty is twisted for them in my views or my point of view and not healthy either.

Thankful and glad to be able to get a few things done, and thanks again to God and the stars above for the things that I have and the things that I need, to come and fall into place. I believe if you ask for it the things that you need will fall into place at the designed time to cover the need. Have been without a house again, and at the stage to purchase one and the time is ripe and this is the season for a house. 

Thanks so much for the cash to get out of the gate, and help to keep on track the things that need to be done with Ella Doce Cases De Mayo De California, and the goods and services to be provided for self, family, and homeless veterans in the state of California. It is a dream of mine, that I have been racing to this end for some time, just had a few bumps in the road to slow me down, nothing that will carry over during the rest of my life time.

Here are a few of the things that was created to get over the pain, losses were shared and posted to prevent the same treatment to others that may fall prey to charm and goodness for a short period before the devil or serpent within comes out, and you have a reptile in the den to deal with, and the form of truth and honesty from him or his acorns and issues are moot, to the others that I know and twisted as well, it was a life in hell and being homeless on wheels, in a RV Camping lifestyle was not desired for the long run. 

Death by fire was one way that we almost died together on August 17, 2012, in Redlands, CA, and I know I did died for a few minutes more or less, but do recall the joy and pleasure and the delight to still be alive. Just one of the reasons not to RV camp again in this life with Steven Jarrot, or any one from that tribe, they are twisted and they live on cash from other people or insurance claims to damages to RV, with AAA to steal cars for them, and Allstate Insurance also covers the sixpences for the damages to RV. Life of joy, and pain for sure, but more pain than joy because always placed in last place for love and attention also.

Ways and means used to get over the losses were written and posted on internet in pen names, to deal wth the little deaths that have occurred with me, and this was one way to deal with all the questions that I had for this time of March -May 2013.

Handsome WM iso Female any race with room for rent - Inland Empire.. 760-851-2267  Locations: Palm springs ........Ventura......Upland.......Montcair.........or ?  New and used motorcycles listings  Handsome Jewish Bisexual- Eve or Steve Jarro end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Location: Palm springs or  Upland......Ventura.......New and used motorcycles listings ... end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Type: Trike Region: Vista, CA I will give a cash reward Llisa Desilva paid for all three, and I kept all of them and put my name on all three titles, just because that is the type of snake in the grass type of person that I have always been, once a snake always a snake..
....I stole over $37,000 from Llissa Desilva last year alone (2013), and gave away lots of it also, Rachel or Rocky Jarrot-Jewish White Star, and the best of our clan, got so many gifts and would have been a bonus, if I could have had her committed as well, it was on the list to do. Drugs is the excuse that was used, and the restrining order did not work in July 3, 2013-because I did the right things, in my head and that was the proof needed for me. Lies were told and the case was recorded and Ben Donal was the other frog or snake in the grass in that time period to consider.
  • Assults, robbery, and lock outs were in place by both Ben Donal and Steve Jarrot, and the goal was to bury Llisa Desilva one way or another, anyway will do, was the faces that were in place, and a long period of darkness. Fairy tale that was based on facts here and there, about one side of view, the others are down to far to see the light of day, in the world that they live in. Moot?760 360 1613 anyone who helps find my 2012 black and white 3 wheeler gas trike who paid for, Steven Jarrot, and county check of $850 a month, get real, crook here, robber her, freak for drugs to trade for the goods and cash needed to travel and live by RV, for one whale on land, oral experts trade tricks for the good times, to party and play, life style gay and happy, meth drug dealers, 420 farmers, to date 7608512267 in Ventura, or Oxnard for the tricks and dicks to suck.

Choices Complete
Choices made season done, ashes to dead: Bones in boxes, dad. Paul Jarrot, Charles Edward Jarrot, to visit. Death dance dawn at dusk. Family undead, family unstable, mules, monkey, asses, dance of the dead.

Toys for the kid, old and young, male or female, fun and games, gifts for the good, bad, and nasty. Freaks that cum out at night, vamps and the undead and unstable. 

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  1. Thanks for the views in your world, loved the picture, Lots of stories in place, time to take a moment in time. Coins in hand, cards on the table, bets to place, who will win: three head freak, people in your world. Out to get everything, to take, to steal, to make, to sell, to give away, it is all in the air. Thanks for a great shot, Vincent Gordon. Saw you at the Hemp Fest in San Bernardo, CA in 2016. Great jobs.
    Thumbs up in blue, blue dreams up in smoke, dreams in pictures, dreams in colors, trips to the other sides, heaven or hell under the skies, dreams in real life.

    Gifts online, gifts in person, thanks for the monkeys with funny faces, freaks and clowns to shows, horses and pony tricks, land of the greens. Color of dreams, color of new worlds, blue oceans to create, life in the pots of goals. Happy to share the play on word, strings to play, horns to blow, goats and sheep, love and hate horns on a goat. Days in the heavens, dazes in hell, trips to the stars, have to let go, angels to dance to the knights, blues to float with hope, purple lights, in line to greatness, dreams of mine.