Sunday, July 5, 2015

Graves Dressed

Men in Black
Death is part of the cycle of life, time to live and time to die, die daily is the practice that we live, closer to death by the day. Just happy and delighted to have another day living, it is a great day, and thankful for the present gift of another day here on the right side of the grave. Wanted to talk about the others on the left side of the grave, and what it meant to have known them then.

Remember the past to continue with new lessons learned alone the way, ghosts to share the stories in your head, stars that shoot at night, with messages to hear on the sound of the wind blowing in the trees. Dead people talking in the still of the night, while you sleep are the visits with the dead. Good times to share of the stars created in your dreams, you are the creator, you are the star in the movies in your dreams. Dreams to greatness, dreams to family and friends dead and the good times created in their homes in the sky, in the clouds in you head.

 To start life as a star or to end your life as a star, one of the views that I like to share, everybody born is a star in the world they are in. So what you are not able to please everyone, that is not your job, so what if you are not perfect, and so what people change with the coming of a new day. Help the lost, help the displace, be honest and true to the right things to do, talk about love with pieces of a dream to greatness.

Common dream for family, friends, foes, to treat you the same is the same all the time, happiness and joy for the gifts of peace given in circles of love that you have to extend to others. Plans to create more and better is the dream for me, and a house would be nice, gifts to share. Simple and humble are some of the ways to get things done, when out in the world of doctors, in the world of government business, in the world of joys and pains of growing witty and wise. Lessons at the time, either a teacher or a student, what are the lessons that you are teaching the others that watch? Not something to think about for long right?

 Mountains to climb, and valleys to cross, dodge the bumps in the road, and smile and be thankful for the gifts in your life already, things that I tell myself daily. Hopes hopping for places to land, windows and doors open for a brand new dazes to start process of rolling the wheels of life together in California. Rooted to the laws of the land, rooted to the laws of natural, and rooted to the laws of joy and happiness to share time and time again. Presents in the day with the people that you see, and help out of a moment in time, forgotten quickly is how the day is spent.

This is after the third party views about level of love, as seen by the hairdresser with the kid that was hairless, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, the pair in question now, stories about the nosy, super-sized white whales that rule with the short hairs and balls of Steven Jarrot, in her purse. One for Sheri and one for Rachel, and they rule with balls in hand the love and good times of ex-husband, and golden calf of the tribe to tell him how to feel. Notices by blogs, tweets and Google plus, written in third party views were attacked, and that was the beginning of the end of the dark days with this clan. Happy and delighted for another day on the right side of the graves.

Graves to you, and graves to me, every day closer to the setting sun on the end of dazes on earth. Gifts daily to share, words and pictures for the lost, sad and blue frogs and freaks out at night. Lessons to learn, as a teacher or as a student, choices daily, and the room to grow always nice for a turn or two, flipping the coins, and flipping the cards, 52 ways to play this hand.

Great day on the right side of the grave. Happy and delighted with the paths taken, sunny and bright dazes on the beach. On the boat to sail away from hard times to better waves on the ocean. Gifts to share, tales sailing stories of the rocking .Happy for the joys and pains of six kids, happy and delighted with the lessons learned alone the way.

Friends for a season, friends for a cause, friends for a life time to share the joys and pains on the roads to greatness. More gifts to share, more suns to shine, more stars to count, daily gifts for the wishes of the angels, with the saints and the sinners flipping the cards Fools for lovers, freaks are out, out of the games, tuning races on the low roads, sure to win races with the blind rats. Songs about the blind rats, the life in darkness, senses to touch, smell, hear and hands to feel shapes of the matters in hand. More than 3 blind mice in the seas of fish in the seas.

Here is a joke: God came to visit Adam and Eve. When he got there Adam was alone. Where is Eve, God wanted to know? We had fun last night she is cleaning up by the seas. God hit his head, said damm, all the fish is going to smell like women. Fish and women, candy treats in the fish eaten, down south cats to eat, plus the creams. Delightful pleasures to eat.


  1. Happy friday, good times, bird blue song to sing, fags and fag hags tales. Great picture thanks. Rachel Jarrot:Rachel Wigsout, Rachel Warkers, director? Freaks out at night, dream life for a rat racing to fame. Tricks, trades, and hands out for yours to become hers. Wigs at $6000 a head, Jewish way, pay with donations from mental veterans works best. Macolm Gerstein , granddaddy:number one, free rides by plane, exchange for brains. Born on day out of stupid brains, got day old stupid instead, and has been losing ground since birth. Dream life on faces of oral experts, cheaters at love, games to play. Blame games.....

  2. Hope helps clean the nightmares, of life in hell with the frogs and gods from the center of the earth. Devils or seven snakes within the tribe members. Last rites of passage on the dark side of the moon, horses racing on the sands of time, water for the rats at the end of the races done daily. Horses to walk after a long run on the shores on the sands of time, racing for the end of the rainbows, and the pots of gold, gifts to share. Words and gifts of the tales and stories of the bumps in the road here.

    Sticks and stones with hurt, words and stories of the history created, notes to sing of the joys and pains
    of the lessons learned alone the way. Paths chosen for the good intentions, with a stone heart, brains
    exchanged for tickets to ride free planes and trains, frogs for a love of sex and drugs, oral talents on the line.

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  3. Music Notes: Have been a teacher today, daily gifts to share, teaching lessons to a loan shark, kind of guy. Something I learned years ago, best for all the women you know and or love, " The gift of fear" sorry forgot who wrote it. A loan shark is a person who does nice things, they expect a return for acts of kindness Their rewards for being kind or nice. Guess some views to share, term to him, one thing that has not changed.