Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Ahead, Lights, Love, Luck, Lessons, Coins To Pay. Snakes And Frogs

LSG - My Body.IT'S ATTRACTIVE AF WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS THEY WANT YOU AND PROVES IT AND DOES EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER NOT TO LOSE YOU. Happy Birthday man. Stay hairyπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜‚Fairy tales , fairies and hares lost in the woods. Snakes, freaks, and frogs kissed, faces and noses of hell hounds, blue birds to sing. LSG - My Body: Why can't you decide for yourselves what is right? Dances in the street, spring to come, flowers in the dogwood trees, birthdays and rebirths, wheels to turn, ships of dreams to sail, sons of workers, sons of knights, sons of leaders of the band, Peter Pan, late again. Chick, babe, black and blue, pink and purple hairs, fairy to met, Cali earth angel on the beach, dances in the beaches, dances on the mountain tops,, Dicks Out Of The Box, Donkeys To Ride.

Kisses, and hugs, songs to sing, plenty of fish in the seas. - dances in the mud, dances with the spiders and snakes, dances on the sands of time. Sandy Shores, beaches and dreams of warm knights, hands to hold, dances in the streets. Another one, pages to books,lots of laughs, lots of stories to share, freaks out at night, fools, and frogs, to come and go. Waves on the water, boats to float, ships of fools to sell. Chicks, babes, sisters of colors, sisters that are veterans, homeless blues on the streets, back in time, labels to wear. Hard knocks, schools and classes, on love and hate, faces of friends, fears out of sight. Birds and bees, singing songs, glory dazes to come.

    Spring Ahead, Lights, Love, Luck, Lessons, Coins To Pay. Movies Made: Vine:Next: Rachel Jarrot, cow to buffalo, butch 2?Rachel Jarrot, nor Rach Jay, are rock stars, porn stars for sure, lots of lovers online, cam dates to share, party and play with a slut or two. Like a Rock Star:NOT. More Cash Please,Daddy...Freaks, fools, gang angers, Steven and Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998 Knights on land, knights foes and family lovers, haters with hats, horns and crowns.....Hackers, Snakes and Frogs, Steven Jarrot 7608512267....Ways to grow, history to note, lots of lessons to learn. Lots of lovers, lots of tales and history online to share, hard knocks?

    Wisdom from a Himalayan cow.
    Spring Ahead, Lights, Love, Luck, Lessons, Coins To Pay. Snakes, spiders and worms, retards, rejects, escapees from NY. Rotten apple, franky trees, franky trees and his nuts to show, yellow snake, in out of his mind, out of his skin, out of his life, coins to flip, fat and wide, fat and talking shit, and dung, lots of fecal matter, all about shit. Dicks, dawgs, dangs, donkeys to date, monkeys in pack, NY retards, frank and nuts, Dicks Out Of The Box, Donkeys To Ride., Franky Trees and his kids, rotten to the core. Veterans to watch out.

    Pages to write, cows to call, fuckers, suckers and retards from NY. Snakes in the grass, yellow and white, freaks, frogs, and donkeys in packs. Tips and tales, NY retards, will steal stuff and shit of yours, and say suck it up, for the crimes again a veteran back in 2015, before the trip to Italy, so the fat cow could stay in a truck. To poor for the lights to be turned on, stupid and dump, hard to fix.
    Frank Agresti:, Dicks Out Of The Box, Donkeys To Ride. February 3 at 7:37am: see u soon... well have a surprise visit..... one you will never forget....

     Face Time .? πŸ’™πŸ˜ Give Me More:Grown Woman Now: Songs And Dance Shows.
    Imagine What … she wore a silver locket to hold her love in . Go Where The 2 Rivers Flow.Veterans Prey...Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories. Songs to hear, dances to do, songs and singers on the radio. Dances for the lovers, dances for the sinners, dances for the good times, bumps in the roads, happy for the hits of love and happiness.


    Spring Ahead, Lights, Love, Luck, Lessons, Coins To Pay. 

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