Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dusted Hearts Done. Break Downs, Hammer Time, Hands In Air: On The Run: Nuts, Retards, Cows And Pigs: Donkeys,..

Hearts Dusted Daily.Dusted Hearts Done. 

Hearts hurts for losses.
Heal hearts homes for all.
Homes with hearts to heal.
Horses, homes, life changes.
Hope help hearts heal daily.

Jumps for joy, jumps for life.
Junk man alive, undead and unstable.
Jarrot tarts pay and party and play.
Jarrots, super-freaks, super-sized.
Cattle, Jarrots, Steven, Adam, Dogs.

Jarrots dung sale today.
Jewish, gay, bend coppers.
Faux friends, dead now?
Snakes, reptiles, butterflies.
Flies, butterflies, wing to fly.
Happy and gay, Jarrots, Rachel, Rach also.
Charles r. Jarrot, to include Jean Paul Jarrot.
Dead now, undead family, unstable alive.
Peace and love by the seas, gifts to share.
RV camper, for life, lifestyle of Jewish.
Wide-asses, donkeys, mules, packs of wolves.

Pack of wolves, snakes in dens, fake friends.
Monkey see, monkey do, excuses to blame others.
Blame others with fingers pointed at crazy or insane.
Crazy fine, insane better, out of your mind common.
Cry for the wolves, last dazes, rites of passage.
Time for a new love of life to live in a state of blue, searching for the missing pieces of a dream. Life of hope, life of dreams in action, love of the life given for the hard knocks. Schools for the teaches, schools for the lovers, schools for the freaks out at night. Lessons to learn about what true love is, facts or fictions tales of the love and devotion between two people. Male or female, friends and family members, for a short period, flip the cards, flip the coins, time for growth and time to start over again.Hearts Dusted Daily.Dusted Hearts Done. 
Happy and delighted to share my views of a better daze, for the love for a man and the ties that are strong enough for the long runs against time and space. Gifts to share daily for the good, bad and ugly deeds done in the name of love. Not always true blue for the long winter nights in the arms of true love for the long runs on the sands of time. Hope all your wishes and dreams are granted for the rewards of the acts of kindness given for life.

Hope helps clean the nightmares, of life in hell with the frogs and gods from the center of the earth. Devils or seven snakes within the tribe members. Last rites of passage on the dark side of the moon, horses racing on the sands of time, water for the rats at the end of the races done daily. Horses to walk after a long run on the shores on the sands of time, racing for the end of the rainbows, and the pots of gold, gifts to share. Words and gifts of the tales and stories of the bumps in the road here.

Hopes and prayers for the whales on land, joys and pains of the school of Hard Knocks, degrees in bullshit and faithful, what that means is love and devotion from a twisted and bend lot of coppers. Faux friends to date, good times with the meth, good times with a sucker or two, gifts to share with oral talents to last a life time. Happy and delighted for the life to live large in a blue state of mind, hopes and prayers for the sunny dazes on the beach, trips to the moon, trips to hell to dodge. Once in hell with the whales on land, last a day and forever, hard to face the facts, that goodness and mercy was lost in this tribe of sinners and saints. Best to leave the snakes alone under the rocks, under the sand and surf, watching the ocean work day in and day out. Dream life for the freaks.

Standards Set, Stands For Rites, Trees In Storming weather, gales of winds, trees in the wind. Just one nut, just one dogwood trees, good times, the dogs out in the woods. Dogs and dicks, dogs and bitches, days in the woods, days in the trees, days in life in a trailer, in a RV, good times. Movies to watch, TV shows, hopes and dreams on the down side. Hopes, wishes, dreams in actions, dances on the sands of times. Hands out, hands up, hands down, trips to the moons, trips to the dances in the sands, hopes burning fires, going strong. 

Time on Cross, Blood Moons, Snake Dances, Fires to burn, food to eat, dances under the moonlights, good times. Dances to dreams, actions of mountains to climbs, castles to find, joys and pains, bumps in the road to dodge. Glory dazes again, joy and happiness, family fairies to sing, to color the nights bright and blue. Peace and understanding requested, fires burning on the sands of time, songs to write, to tell the story for the frogs and fish to see, plenty of fish to farm. Time on cross over and done, devils place with hell hounds, jackasses and donkey packs, in the hills, valleys of cows, cattle out to roam, buffalo girls and buff forever, dogs in heat. Castles to build, giants to find, searches on, cowboys, tree huggers, pirates and sea captains. Calls are out to Peter Pan, Caption Hook, and Petey the Pirate, to sail the seven seas, today for dreams.

Black and right, read and blue, history across the decades, lessons learned along the way, coins to flip, cons to run, rats to races , dances in the light of day. Hoods and hats, chicks and babes, standards set, sinners, saints, snakes in grass, spiders and worms, wheels to roll, paths to cross, freaks in the night, bitches in heat, cattle drives. Easy lays, easy lovers, crooks, cheater, liars, faces in the shadows, sunny and bright, donkeys in the hills of Cali.

Out of the shadows, out of the valleys, out of my mind, crazy for a fee, crazy like a fox, heads above the common. Dusted Hearts Done.  Break Downs, Hammer Time, Hands In Air: On The Run: Nuts, Retards, Cows And Pigs: Donkeys,..

Choices Complete: Choices made season done, ashes to dead: Bones in boxes, dad. Paul Jarrot, Charles Edward Jarrot, to visit. Death dance dawn at dusk. Family undead, family unstable, mules, monkey, asses, dance of the dead.

Toys for the kid, old and young, male or female, fun and games, gifts for the good, bad, and nasty. Freaks that cum out at night, vamps and the undead and unstable. Dusted Hearts Done.  Break Downs, Hammer Time, Hands In Air: On The Run: Nuts, Retards, Cows And Pigs: Donkeys,..

Dream life for the basket cases and the displace veterans, women with houses, women that are black, women that are Jewish, women that are Mexican, and women that work for the things they have. Oral talents alone, not enough for the long runs racing the horses on the beach on the sands of time. Good looks not enough for the joys and pains of growth, drugs to trade for oral delights of the freaks out at night, will not fly for the witty and wise for the races against time and space. 

Wings to fly to the mountain tops, wings to fly to a better daze on the beach, horses racing against time and space. Better dazes on the mountain tops, birds, dogwood butterflies, dreams in action for the roads to riches, and the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. 
Horses to water, veterans to the Music Exchange Group, at Ella Doce Casas De Mayo Del California, gifts to share, paperwork to complete, help for the cash on the table for veterans, just the beginning of the services and products on the table waiting for the requests on paper. Take the cash and run, it is ready for the veterans that stop, make new plans, to stand tall, and walk the walk to the bank. Cash forever, gifts waiting for you, write the paperwork for the stories, that will give you cash for the time served. Why not, drink the water, after the race, horses to water for the rewards, of a good run , for the good of the county. Help is waiting for you, ask for it, gifts to share with the cash on the table, gifts to share with the stories stuck in your hear. 


  1. Have to work for the brown points, that should be blue points, if a color for the most desired is the image in mind for greatness, and life of a butterfly or an eglye. So the purpose is for a reason of sound mind, and reasons are there and they make a notices of the conditions that are in place and the search for the right path is always present as well.

  2. Trains/Brains?Trains, planes, not brains. Brains not needed, trains and plane rides for free, rather have tickets to fly brains exchanges for looks, and white skin,