Monday, February 16, 2015

Whale Cattle Callers

Walks Taken - 

More questions up in the air about the lights that shine bright, and the plans, goals, and dreams in action to complete, and a place to stay closer to the beach. New friends, and more wind under my wings, and the beginning of growth and changes.

That is just the tip of the mountain, and a few tips about what  views. Have dreams of more education, and have to be a little more stable for that in my mind. Help me climb the mountains to greatness?

Angels above, sights to see the undead and the unstable, spooks that appear for the corrections need for a night of peace. Gifts of words need to tame the beasts on the left side of the graves. Graves to you and graves to me, busy dying daily, joys and pains with the bumps in the road.

Look at the numbers, and read the stories left in the numbers, for the signs of things to come. Starr Bright tonight, and the blue shooting stars, and the first star out at night, is it always the same one?
Rites of passage, writes lessons, stars, hopes, wishes, happy dazes passed.

Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips: Prince Frogg: Out of the Box: Not Stright?: Prince Frog-Out of Pond  In the end it is about what you survive and how it will make you stronger in the long run. Hope is the reason for...

Season done and the choices made are the ones that count, ashes to ashes, bones in a box, sad day for the clans gather at the graves of the dead and lifeless, November 2, 2014: The day of the Dead: Happy dazes on the left side of the grave. No more life to talk about while undead and unstable, a group of hell hounds, or vamps in training, for a flip side of the coin, and a different view on the same group of Jewish white joy kills, too self-serving, too self centered, to bend and twisted, with truth and honesty as punch lines. Sad story again.

Steven Jay Jarrot,(GAY) Charming, truthful and honest, man of his word, man of power, peace, love and happiness, shown in deeds and actions, with one of 100s?girl friends: the black magic woman, earth angel or fairy, childlike LLissa Desilva. Why steal her car with AAA May 9, 2013. 

Facts not fiction, twisted and tainted, White Jewish Super-sized-Stars? Legends in his mind, and family concurs, and sing songs together all day long, about the fake friends in the barns, not just steers and queers, but cattle and buffalo that fly like Rotten Rocky Rachel Gay Butch Jarrot, the Cali cow to buffalo state, dead now...7608512267.

Words to live by, the threats to cut off fingers, and pour acid on faces of angels, fairies, pixies, blacks, veterans, female crazy when stirred mental people for views that are not shared. Good story that had blacks, females, and veterans carting a extra set of fingers.

 Good story about love and devotion from a Jewish and white point of view, just a little love and peace, in the style of Turkeys: Cuban transplants-Sima and Jean Paul Jarrot-creators of the Super-sized Rock Stars. Faux Rock Stars-piss offs the whole lot: Steven, Charles R. Jarrot-7607778998-thief by credit cards, real estate, coins and stamps:

 Rachel and Rocky Jarrot-wide-ass freaks at UCLA-The Real California Cow: Whale of a girl, brains skipped for planes-went to airport to catch a plane. No brains there, just ticket to catch a plane. Happy trails off in the sea blue sunset.

 I have some 420 to give/barter for a wet kitty for - m4w - 45 (oxnard) April 22, 2015: Steve Jarrot: Not a cheater: Sacks of Shit?

7608512267-fake friend, boy friend to hold on to for ?house with dogs outside, right?

age : 45

Age just a number? right one is Sept 4, 1962, went to fairfax high, cheated on one wife and host $22,000 the groom lost less, family wedding party, yelled and scream in buff, wife, mother, sister, and family members, had a tale or two about, Steve Jarrot, not a cheater, get real. Please.

I have some 420 to give/barter for a wet kitty for - m4w - 45 (oxnard)age : 45 : Dated April 12, 2015: words of snake charmer-Steve Jarrot-7608512267: Not a cheater is how he sees his-self, and the ads he places while girlfriends works, flying here and there, fake boyfriends, same as pimps: though the mud that covers his glasses now. views of a man, not a cheater?...SO IF YOU LET ME SUCK, NIBBLE AND LICK YOUR KITTY, I WILL GIVE YOU SOME 420 & OR OTHER PARTY FAVOR. U TELL ME . SQUITERS GET BONUS. HOSTING ALL NIGHT. YOUR PIC WITH REPLY PLEASE. 7609020855.

Blue cars Blue world
Time to rest, time to stop, time to sleep.
Gay and happy, witty, wise teachers.
Angels, leaders, saints, queers, and queens.
Hopping hope wins always grounded.
Prayers, desires, secrets wants granted.
Money, cups running over, houses, goals.
Cars clean, blue and fast, Mercedes, ford, Toyota?
Mercedes, fords and Toyota fleet started.

Heaven Next Stop: Frogs, in the dark. (upland): Steve Jarrot, much younger, and much lighter, different day, same story, lives to lick and suck pussy of kid- Rachel, Rocky, Sheri, and what was the girlfriend's name this week? and working class people, dicks and pussies fine for now, RV camper still. 7603601613.


  1. Good times, french Canadian, gifts from a cross the bonder, thanks for the bright lights from Canada, golden child, you can stay in a blue state with Franky Trees in New York, by way of Huntington Beach, CA. Thanks for the gifts you share. Your songs are the blue birds that sing out of your kids. Still in the balls, boy, keep them there for 10 years? Where is the hair around the eyes? Hairless freak? Rachel Jarrot 7603601613, Princess Frog married a dick yesterday? sucker for the sex, drugs, strangers to suck for the trades and the good times. Dream life to share, searches for prey to steal and rob for the good things in life, day job. Hopes, prey cum loaded with cash, houses, land, or pussies to steal for the whales on land, best as gifts to save face. Crooks, robbers, snakes, and fake friends to date the cattle,

  2. This is new, I do not think so, most people are snakes, and that is the way of the people that choose the low road, or the easy road, and the family outlook, is made up of folks with standards, that are undesirable, and the types of people in that sea of fools, frogs, and jackasses rule this family. Just like the government, and those are the stories about the lyon sacks of shit that are mostly men, men without dicks, men that are short, men that are a couple of cans short of a sixpack and they run the government locations that I have worked at, and the dumb, the less the wisest choices are made, and the backgrounds come into place, and it is the state of affairs today.

  3. Steven Jarrot 7608512267-and wife? Sheri, Rachel, Sima Jarrot Crooks, robbers, gifts from hell, skills of a oral sex freaks, to date. Good times with bags of shit, for the pussies and the dicks that party and play. Contest: 2 fist up the asses of Rachel, Sheri, Sima, Seven Snakes, Frogs and the party and play pals for the drugs, sex and rolls in the hay.
    Gifts to share with oral experts jackasses to flip the cards, 54 ways to play this hand...Jacks to play. Sunny Sima- 7608512267: Steven Jarrot, not Adam....7609020855: tricks-8052055026: trades 7603601613 butches and bitches, cum tasteful pleasures. Rachel Jarrot, sucker like sire? – Just like girls with girls, and more girls for sex, have to save eggs before time and space stops, just like hair stopped for how long, with the $6000 wigs to leave the house. Rachel not able to get how fat she became. NOT liked the way she looked at 16, just was not able to stop eating, fat as a cow and looks like a grandmother in style again, where? Schools for cows and schools for buffalo, home of butches, buffs, and bison, grass for cattle and bison, for sure, moot?....Sheri Jarrot | › CA › La Quinta