Sunday, February 15, 2015

Whales RV Tricks

Tricks, trades, and exchanges of goods and services, and brain storming for the next step up the latter of saints and sinners lost on the top of the world.

Not  a Cheater, Just a Liar.....
what is the difference, right hand and left hand, acts together needed..

Male with party favors ISO Female or Couple - m4w - 46 (Ontario)

not if born Sept 4, 1962
.....right a slow person here, can not count that high. I forgot who we were referring to here, my bad. 

age : 46: 7608512267-Steven jay Jarrot-Superstar, White Jewish Donkey for rebirths.....
Gdlkg white male with all kinds of party favors to share. So let party. Location and pics with your reply. 420 connect searching for butter, giant of a man 6 feet and taller, able to travel today or tomorrow....eclectic?

Ages, things, details of our lives and circumstances are all there   to be acknowledged and accepted for what they are. Things does not define us.   The focus is on integrity, transparency about who we are, and honesty, so we   can decide without biases or doubts we meant for each other or not. We do not   need to guess. We know, we respect and appreciate direct   approach.

Look at the numbers, and read the stories left in the numbers, for the signs of things to come. Starr Bright tonight, and the blue shooting stars, and the first star out at night, is it always the same one?
Rites of passage, writes lessons, stars, hopes, wishes, happy dazes passed.

Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips: Prince Frogg: Out of the Box: Not Stright?: Prince Frog-Out of Pond  In the end it is about what you survive and how it will make you stronger in the long run. Hope is the reason for...

 I have some 420 to give/barter for a wet kitty for - m4w - 45 (oxnard) August 22, 2014: Steve Jarrot: Not a cheater: Sacks of Shit?

7608512267-fake friend, boy friend to hold on to for ?house with dogs outside, right?

age : 45

Age just a number? right one is Sept 4, 1962, went to fairfax high, cheated on one wife and host $22,000 the groom lost less, family wedding party, yelled and scream in buff, wife, mother, sister, and family members, had a tale or two about, Steve Jarrot, not a cheater, get real. Please.

I have some 420 to give/barter for a wet kitty for - m4w - 45 (oxnard)age : 45 : Dated August 22, 2014: words of snake charmer-Steve Jarrot-7608512267: Not a cheater is how he sees his-self, and the ads he places while girlfriends works, flying here and there, fake boyfriends, same as pimps: though the mud that covers his glasses now. views of a man, not a cheater?...SO IF YOU LET ME SUCK, NIBBLE AND LICK YOUR KITTY, I WILL GIVE YOU SOME 420 & OR OTHER PARTY FAVOR. U TELL ME . SQUITERS GET BONUS. HOSTING ALL NIGHT. YOUR PIC WITH REPLY PLEASE. 7603601613 

$500 Heaven Next Stop: Frogs, in the dark. (upland): Steve Jarrot, much younger, and much lighter, different day, same story, lives to lick and suck pussy of kid- Rachel, Rocky, Sheri, and what was the girlfriend's name this week? and working class people, dicks and pussies fine for now, RV camper still. 7608512267

New dawns, new dazes,   new plans, with new friends is the plan today and forever. Dreams, wishes,   hopes, prayers, in play today, searching for a giant of a man in height, 420   connections, and houses that need to be filled would be the best, for the   answers needed today.

 Funny at times, babe on the beach, 420 chicks for the sands of times, trips to the moon, fun times today. Fun and games with happy people.  Happy notes to share again. Hopes to out going, in shape, a new friend or two with do, for the future trips around the world.

Sunny Sima- 7608512267: 7609020855:8052055026:7603601613
Rachel Jarrot, sucker like sire? – Just like girls with girls, and more girls for sex, have to save eggs before time and space stops, just like hair stopped for how long, with the $6000 wigs to leave the house, liked the way she looked at 16, just was not able to stop eating, fat as a cow and looks like a grandmother in style again, where? Schools for cows and schools for buffalo, home of butches, buffs, and bison, grass for cattle and bison, for sure, moot?

Steve Jarrot: Paul and Charley Jarrot: Asses......

Every day Earth Angel, hope, sunshine, peace, and good will fighter, fairy or pixie.
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  1. Words to live by, the threats to cut off fingers, and pour acid on faces of angels, fairies, pixies, blacks, veterans, female crazy when stirred mental people for views that are not shared. Good story that had blacks, females, and veterans carting a extra set of fingers.

    Good story about love and devotion from a Jewish and white point of view, just a little love and peace, in the style of Turkeys: Cuban transplants-Sima and Jean Paul Jarrot-creators of the Super-sized Rock Stars. Faux Rock Stars-piss offs the whole lot: Steven, Charles R. Jarrot-7607778998-thief by credit cards, real estate,....etc.