Sunday, January 10, 2016

Goodness And Mercy, Angels For Rights, Earth Bound

Standards Set, Stands For Rites, Trees In Storming weather, gales of winds, trees in the wind. Just one nut, just one dogwood trees, good times, the dogs out in the woods. Dogs and dicks, dogs and bitches, days in the woods, days in the trees, days in life in a trailer, in a RV, good times. Movies to watch, TV shows, hopes and dreams on the down side. Hopes, wishes, dreams in actions, dances on the sands of times. Hands out, hands up, hands down, trips to the moons, trips to the dances in the sands, hopes burning fires, going strong.

Time on Cross, Blood Moons, Snake Dances, Fires to burn, food to eat, dances under the moonlights, good times. Dances to dreams, actions of mountains to climbs, castles to find, joys and pains, bumps in the road to dodge. Glory dazes again, joy and happiness, family fairies to sing, to color the nights bright and blue. Peace and understanding requested, fires burning on the sands of time, songs to write, to tell the story for the frogs and fish to see, plenty of fish to farm. Time on cross over and done, devils place with hell hounds, jackasses and donkey packs, in the hills, valleys of cows, cattle out to roam, buffalo girls and buff forever, dogs in heat. Castles to build, giants to find, searches on, cowboys, tree huggers, pirates and sea captains. Calls are out to Peter Pan, Caption Hook, and Petey the Pirate, to sail the seven seas, today for dreams.

The lasting impressions made with people and their  animals skins, things written. Questions about love and devotion, love and hate horns on a goat, pieces of the big pictures. Snakes, frogs and fish, cattle and cows 3 ways, dragons and earth angels. Stright from the heat and heart that I  have. Some times can fly away, hate third party views, not noted as truthful or honest notes to grow.

 Five for luck, five for fingers, five monkeys to dodge, games in beds, crooks and robbers, lights out. 5 Monkeys, 7608512267.  Steven, Sheri, Rachel, Sima, and Charlie Jarrot, monkeys on a tree, in love with other mothers, snakes in trees, games to blame, purple, and blue, monkeys on beds. Monkeys to sing, monkeys to dance, monkeys to dance and spin, American Birds, in the trees also. Monkey games, monkey cars, monkeys in black and white, games to play, with cars. Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. 

Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories. Songs to hear, dances to do, songs and singers on the radio. Dances for the lovers, dances for the sinners, dances for the good times, bumps in the roads, happy for the hits of love and happiness. Dances for the time of your life, the best is yet to cum, dances on the sands of time. Fires started in my heart, just after dark, views in the mirror more clear.


Houses for the veterans, homes with heat along the beach, starting in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, land with houses will work well, just starting out, have to put the piceces in place, have the hopes, have the dreams, have the nightmares to work with. Back on feet, trying to make new plans, people to see, places to go, and who to go with, questions up in the air.

Teacher now of the numbers, cum and sail away today. Pitt bull in Florida. Back to square one, the directions, for travel, up down and across, travel the numbers to greatness. Lucky dazes for the good, bad and ugly.Light your candles, lift up your lights, tell a tale, write a song, do a dance for the good times. Time of your life, Pit bull-great song, everyday is the best day so far, gifts of the cloud castle in the sky. Happy the sunny and bright dazes after te hazy, gray days are done. Delighted with life, the trips around the dogwood trees, lessons to learn.

Baby Elephants, In The light of Day, Some thing else to look at. My favorite form of cows, next to hippos, love the killer whales also. Cows In The Morning, Cows with Tusks, Sunny Days under the sky, joys and pains in the woods, around the world. Cows to you, 11 more to name, not just cattle. Nice facts to know, cows on land, and cows in the water. Whales and buffalo, hippo also, more to go, cows to roam, time and time again, good times. Blue Lights, Blue Stars, Blue Hairs to you, wonderful site to see, hairs to you, Blue Starrs. One Blue Starr, My sister-wife, fairy friends. Stars Blue, Star Bright, stars out tonight, goodness and mercy angels out, for the wrongs and the right of the matter of the heart. Love and hate, goats and sheep, horns of a goat, hate and love, monkeys to see, moons on the dark side. Happy notes, happy songs to sing, blue and purple hair to share. Twins with Blue and purple hairs, why not.

Castles in the sky, hopes and wishes, dances in the dark, happy songs to sing, good times. My Other House In the Sky, Pieces of a dream, hopes to work for, trips to heaven and back. House on the coast. Nice to have a picture of a great house to desire. Party all the time, life is a beach, life is an adventure, fingers on a hand. Songs for the good, songs for the evil, songs for the others that are stuck in between. Monkeys to see, monkeys to do, monkeys for the year 2016. Soon to start, in a few week, songs for the beginning of the year.

 Ships Passed: In the still of the night, just before the stars fade away, dreams in motion. Blue stars, blue angels that far, lesson in the rolls and spins, turrets of darkness. Falls from the sky, falls from castles in the heavens. Night and day battles of the lost, the displaced, confused and upside down. Tricked by spiders and snakes, eaten alive by land whales, hung to dry. Saints and sinners to dine. Snakes on a stick, snakes out of their dens, snakes out at night, between the skins. Goodness and mercy to stake snakes, to burn and bake, trips to the moon.

Dancing for days, Franky Trees, stuck on couch, 64 years old, root of the tree, six kids on earth. Dream catch, two  victory bikes, no garage for them or car. Driver now, need more cash, trips to Ojhi ?or another letter off in spelling, so what. Hate the state of his life, jokes on the tree hugger for force fun, work stiff, for long time. 

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  1. Earth Angels, Fairies, Pixies on land, hands out for the lost sheep, cows and buffalo to roam, snakes and frogs in the water, plenty of fish in the seas. Homes, Houses, Places to start over, classes on love and hate, songs to sing, songs on the radio, happy notes to share. Music in the air, coins to toss, cards on the table, poker players, get the dogs off the floors......lost veterans....facts to share of the love and devotion, from a fairy or a frog, both is the right answer. Come a little closer and I will tell you a tale of love and devotion, a story of love and hate-the horns on a goat, and think about the birds and the bees. Love or hate, the flip sides of the coin, daily lessons to be learned about the levels of love to share. 420 connected, retired cowboy, rat racing for dollars still, houses to sell, veterans need homes, Vash/Section 8 in Riverside and Orange Counties, can you help me, need 3 houses in Moreno Valley yesterday...