Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Family Parties, Mothers Day, Back In Greens

Queen of the clan, lots of views in the family, mine for a moment in time. Lost in time and space.

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine, just to let you know, that the sun is out again, here to stay. Notes of others, notes of mine, notes online, history of the battles, history of the bumps in the roads, the bums out to rob and steal.

Marjorie Green, thanks for being my mother, for a moment in time, needed a friend to believe in me, just wanted to save the kids. Hello to Chris, my son, 20 now also, saw the pictures that you had, wanted to share again, liked you a lot, when we had time together. The classes at the church, the battles for your place, all the paperwork to do.

Have plans in place, need a few more players, to make this dream come alive. Houses for veterans, transitional programs, not just the drug houses, to repair the lost. Have to create blue oceans, Shawn Waters, there, find him on Linkin, great guy, lots of dreams in motion. He helps me get things done, back in the day. 

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