Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fun and Games, Battles And Wars, Dress Blues

Marjorie Green, thanks for being my mother, for a moment in time, needed a friend to believe in me, just wanted to save the kids. Hello to Chris, my son, 20 now also, saw the pictures that you had, wanted to share again, liked you a lot, when we had time together. The classes at the church, the battles for your place, all the paperwork to do.

Taking a break, have to work tomorrow, horse and pony show, more cash on the table, more paperwork to check, houses to buy. Plans for blue oceans, products and services, known and unknown, worlds to create, that the game for this year. Dreams in motions, dreams of greatness, homes and houses for veterans, you have one of your own now. One of the few, one of the prowd, one that is now married, ways to grow, not alone in the world. God hand and hands to hold, over time and space, way to go, Chris.

Games with boys, games with guys, guys and guns, games of war, great job, like the looks. Charms and graces, faces of a Marine or two, games to share, good time, at peace. American birds, animals under the skin, snacks and treats, tales to be written, good and evil, hats to wars, hats to halos, tricks to turn, pages in a book, bibles, and fairy tales, tales told again.

Cans Of Whip Ass, Frogs In Cans, Eaten For Fun

Songs of chance, winds to fly, American Birds, American Girls, Dogface Butterflies, to take and to give, faces to grow, frogs to eat, dates with frogs, dinner time. Hands to help, hands to lend a hand, eaten alive, earth angels, pixies, and fairy, when you date a frog. Tales in pictures, tales in air, tales written, classes of frogs. Classes of hats to wars, battle cries, blue knights, angels on bikes, angels in bands, angels in the land. Gifts of hands to help, gifts of time and attention.

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