Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Honey Bees, Honeyeaters, Birds And Bugs, Monkeys In Trees

Birds and bees, honey-eaters, black and yellow, good fellows, birds to sing a happy song. Monkeys in trees, at the top, leaders on the side, games in the dogwood trees, sinners and saints. Life in the woods, life as a bird, ways to go, birds to fly. Games on land, games on the water, games in the dogwood trees, Jews, and the Jewish, red hats, red faces, snakes and worms, lost in time. Pages of lovers, pats on the back, good guys, full of good deeds. Searches and quests, for better days, birds in the air, birds to fly to good time, black and yellow the good fellows.

In The Shadows, In The Dark, Reapers Of Good And Evil. TALES on Dark sides, man in the moon. Good times, happy dazes again. Man In Blue, Marines In Best Suit, Uncle Sam, thanks so much, G. I. Jose, military past and present. Round Worlds: Heaven notes, worlds to see, shapes and six stars, days under the sky. Wishes, dreams and prayers, stars out tonight. Stars bright, and stars blue, what a site toe dead. Coins for the dead, coins for the sons, coins for the frogs to see on the left sides. Lefts three time, take next right hand turn, back to square one. Happy to see. Ships of dreams, ships of fools, ships to carry t freaks back to hell. Prey again, crimes again mental ptsd veterans. tickets, no date, today or tomorrow, $85 for each, 1200 people max, great horse and pony show...gang bang rules, tricks and trades, shit in a bag, dicks in line, party times.  Party and play, cat or dog, bitches in heat, good times, tricks to trade, glory holes open wide.....Steven Jarrot, faces in the mirror, 7608512267, cheap tricks, dogs and dicks, faces for asses, monkeys to date, good times. Same as Joe, giant to keep, wits and charms in a dick or two, cheat shots....7148606817

Marjorie Green, thanks for being my mother, for a moment in time, needed a friend to believe in me, just wanted to save the kids. Hello to Chris, my son, 20 now also, saw the pictures that you had, wanted to share again, liked you a lot, when we had time together. The classes at the church, the battles for your place, all the paperwork to do. 

Taking a break, have to work tomorrow, horse and pony show, more cash on the table, more paperwork to check, houses to buy. Plans for blue oceans, products and services, known and unknown, worlds to create, that the game for this year. Dreams in motions, dreams of greatness, homes and houses for veterans, you have one of your own now. One of the few, one of the prowd, one that is now married, ways to grow, not alone in the world. 

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