Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frog Tricks, Frogs Trades, Girls Eaten Alive, Toads 4 Dates

420 farmers, cowboys, knights on quests, dead wives, need another one, better than last, dead wife.....beach house, Standards Set, Stands For Rites, Trees In Storming weather, gales of winds, trees in the wind. Just one nut, just one dogwood trees, good times, the dogs out in the woods. Dogs and dicks, dogs and bitches, days in the woods, days in the trees, days in life in a trailer, in a RV, good times. Movies to watch, TV shows, hopes and dreams on the down side. Hopes, wishes, dreams in actions, dances on the sands of times. Hands out, hands up, hands down, trips to the moons, trips to the dances in the sands, hopes burning fires, going strong.

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Unique frogs, stories to read, frogs for dinner, jokes and food, fun for dates, funny faces on a plate, tips and tales. Lessons on love and hate, classes of frogs and snakes, dates on the beach, fires to burn, hopes in the flames. Dinner dates, with frogs, dinner treats with snakes, meat on the table, not pig, not cows. Dates in the dark, dates with frogs, dates with snakes, back in the day, pages to turn, books to write, tales of lovers and haters, goats and sheep, tales of shame, tales of tricks.

Party with frogs, party with snakes, sooner of later, snakes will bite, dinner today, treats tomorrow. Tales of frogs in the seas, tales of frogs in snakes for dinner, time to tell, whales and frogs, time to sit and spin. American birds, frogs and snakes, tales to share, history over the years, tales of snakes for sinners, frogs for saints, dances in the dark. Hope and help, hands to lend, American birds, fingers on a hand, signs of love, signs to fuck off, frogs and snakes. Ready to eat. 

Tales of frogs, tales of snakes, tales of friends, tales of family classes of frogs. Food for fun, food and frogs, meat on the table, jokes and laugh, history created, lovers and haters, goats and sheep, horns in hair. Hairs and halo, sinners and saints, frogs and snakes, meat for the riders, rats to races, horse and pony shows, daily events. To sell junk, to sell shit, by the bag, by the face, frogs and snakes, day jobs, to suck and to cum. Faces of snakes, faces of frogs, meat and fun, classes of shame, tricks and trades, junk to sell. 

Standards set for strangers to friends, time and space to share, believe in yourself, believe in your reasons for peace and love by the seas, running races. Rats, horse and pony shows, frogs and fish. Frogs, fools, freaks in the seas of people, fish to keep, frogs to toss back in: key for the good times, and the bumps in the road. Teacher or student, hard to tell. PARTY TIME? Steven , Seven Snakes, land whale, leader of packs. Steven and Rachel Jarrot lovers still.

Friends, Lovers, Earth Angels, Fairies, Pixies on land, hands out for the lost sheep, cows and buffalo to roam, snakes and frogs in the water, plenty of fish in the seas. Homes, Houses, Places to start over, classes on love and hate, songs to sing, songs on the radio, happy notes to share. Music in the air, coins to toss, cards on the table, poker players, get the dogs off the floors......lost veteran in search of peace of mind: views to share about the lights on again. Notes to share with the fake lovers, facts to share of the love and devotion, from a fairy or a frog, both is the right answer. Come a little closer and I will tell you a tale of love and devotion, a story of love and hate-the horns on a goat, and think about the birds and the bees. Love or hate, the flip sides of the coin, daily lessons to be learned about the levels of love to share.

....... retired.....sinn songs to sing, happy tips and tales, lights to shine, goodness and mercy angels, hosts in the air, gods of peace, gods of wars, heaven and hell, angels to fall. 

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