Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frog Dinner, Frogs For Fun, Lemonade Drinks

Kids and goats, sheep and cows, land of the living, hopes to dreams, hope to fly, games, games of cans, tells of guide, Unique frogs, stories to read, frogs for dinner, jokes and food, fun for dates, funny faces on a plate, tips and tales. Lessons on love and hate, classes of frogs and snakes, dates on the beach, fires to burn, hopes in the flames. Dinner dates, with frogs, dinner treats with snakes, meat on the table, not pig, not cows. Dates in the dark, dates with frogs, dates with snakes, back in the day, pages to turn, books to write, tales of lovers and haters, goats and sheep, tales of shame, tales of tricks.

Into the danger of snakes and frogs, into the woods, in the shame in the games, darkness with sinners and saints, pages of darkness, pages of fakes, faces in the woods. 
Into Darkness: Crook on base, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: best buy, computer thief. Great day on the right side, the right side of rights and reasons. To fail or not to fail to learn life lessons. Good bad and sad tales. Wishes on the moon, dances in the dark, dreams of he witches, wizards, frogs, dead, undead, and unstable. Dances done in the rain, tears to fill seven seas. 

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Took a trip, took a ride, back in time, to the other side, dreams in motions, dreams in pictures, dreams to wares, days of shows, horses and pony to do, all over the place. Lots of luck, lots of charm, had a good time. Colors of hope, hairs of purple, stars to shine, lights are on, three sets of eyes to see. Happy dazes again, glory dazes done, back in the sun, back in California for three day, just this month, what a show, nice to meet, the boys to color.

Fairy or earth angel, there for a day, to meet and to smile, pixies with the colors of hope, and hair to tell the story as well. Purple hair, wings to fixed, spent a lot of money on the pictures, and the cool coloring books, more pictures to come, in color to share, thanks so much. The two faces of love and luck, stories to tell in the pictures created, back in the day, back in time.

Had a period of dead time, felt like I was living out of my body, and did not like the person I was or had become. Have had a problem with distance for the dislike of the impressions made by a snake standard of people.

【Eat the frog alive】Can it classify as a human ??? flv ...
May 11, 2012 - Uploaded by d228216
This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on May 11, 2012. Japanese woman eat ...

10 Animals Eaten Alive by Humans - ODDEEBabes in the woods, babies in the dark, tricks and trades for the young at heart. Help to save, have to help, monkeys, bears, and goats, lessons to learn, daily events. Love and hate, hand to hand, goats and sheep, with classes to sound, horns of a goat, true love.

Steven Jay Jarrot : Best Buys Crook, July 15, 2015, computers stolen by snake in grass. PREYS ON MENTAL Ventrans, EASY TO TRICK: Owner/Consultant; lovemygems @ yahoo. com: ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. TRIPS TO HELL, WITH HELL HOUNDS. TIME ON CROSS WITH CROOKS AND ROBBERS. Nice girl, Rach Jay, Rachel Gaylin Jarrot, Rach Jarrot, party girl, movies to make, cum sucker to date, good time girl in season.

Got to go, have a great day. Lot of love, hate and love, on a goat, the horns. Silly pepper piper tale, have fun today. The fairies will play. Notes online 754 times. Nice, thanks.Jokes on land, jokers to poker players to ride, faces of snakes to devils : 7608512267, Steven Jarrot. Toads birth under stars, hooked and pimp out to party and play, found where they were going to stay. Found a barn, to let the goat out. Bitch had a bastard, Jesus Christ was born in a barn. Cow two born that night, a rat in a den of snakes, sinners and saint. Joy to the world.

Hope for the best, hope in color, best for now, blue better for peace, purple for hope, colors and some of their meaning, heard it somewhere, sounds good to me. Purple for hope, purple for moods, sunny and bright, so happy to see the light of day, every day is a gift, have time to share, have stories to write, time and time again, windows are open. Hope for the best the life that you want, hope for the color of purple, inside joke, tips to share, joys and pieces of a dream.

Dreams in actions, dreams in motions, dreams to move on, dreams and dancing on the sands of time, tips and tales of other things, good times. Times on the beaches, times on the crosses and times to share, of the trips to hell. Tales and stories, history to record, the joy of my life, pieces of my views, my time and the attention. Time to drop dimes, over time and space, history of mine, how thing went, my time.

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